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Flight Generation Group provides a full range of services related to private and corporate travel.

Our goal is not just to organize a flight, but to help clients solve problems.

Using the request form, you can get the preliminary cost of air travel by plane or helicopter for a specific route.

Cooperation with us means prompt delivery of the aircraft, individual conditions of service on board, special offers for regular customers.

Saving your time and your comfort are our priorities!

Our services

Private flights

We specialize in organizing individual flights anywhere in the world.

The work of our service is configured in such a way that the delivery of the aircraft is possible within a few hours after all the details have been agreed with you.

You can book a plane at a time convenient for you and be sure that our service will exceed all your expectations.

Our services

Corporate flights

We provide services of group private flights from 19 people for corporate, tourist and other purposes.

We will organize a flight of the companys employees to the conference venue or transport the watch to the drilling platform on the shelf.

Fill out the short booking form and we will help you solve all the issues related to your flight.

Additional services

Ground handling at Sheremetyevo airport

We provide all the necessary ground services for business jets and passengers depending on the jet class and specific flight - from transit and landing permits to itinerary changes.

Additional services

Aircraft revision and maintenance at specialized facilities in the EU and the US

We can ensure timely and regular revision of the aircraft, monitor its technical condition, order spare parts and equipment and arrange for their storage.

Additional services

Aircraft exterior and interior cleaning, dry cleaning, and minor repairs

We can provide professional cleaning services for private jet owners and carriers, including wet and dry cleaning of the cabin and equipment.

Additional services

Aircraft delivery, acceptance and preparation for use for private customers and carriers

We can arrange the delivery and preparation of new aircraft for private cliatns and companies operating business jets, organize the necessary safety checks and obtain the required documentation for the aircraft.

Additional services

Pre-leasing aircraft acceptance and return from leasing

We will facilitate the acceptance procedure for the leased aircraft and its delivery after the completion of the leasing contract, ensuring that the aircraft complies with the leasing terms and flight safety standards.

Additional services

Preparing aircraft documentation in accordance with the OTAR operating instructions (parts 91, 121,125,135)

We will draw up the documentation that is required for private customers and carriers to operate aircraft: general requirements and commercial passenger air transport operations, including VIP flights.

Additional services

Drawing up Operation Instructions based on the OTAR requirements, parts 91,121,125,135

On behalf of our clients, we can draw up Operation Instructions based on the OTAR requirements, taking into account the type of aircraft, expected flight types and regions, base airports, etc.

About catering

Tailored on-board catering with meals delivered straight from the best restaurants

Our catering service partners can design a menu in accordance with your tastes, diet, or preferred national cuisine.

Kosher meals

All our meals are prepared and served in accordance with the kosher laws.

Vegetarian meals

Vegetarians and vegans on board will not be served any meat or animal-based products.

Kids meals

Specially prepared meat, vegetables, fruit, and desserts.

Meals for diabetics

No-sugar, low-fat, high-fiber meals

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Our flexibility, focus on privacy, and high quality standards make FGG your ideal partner

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We are a robust international company with over 7 years of experience in the business aviation industry

If you'd like to discuss a partnership, please use the contact details listed in the Contact Us section.